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I occasionally blog about functional programming and other computational stuff, or anything related to computers in general. These write-ups are tagged as fun. I sometimes note what happens in meatspace as well. Such writings might still have a thing or two to do with computing (given it is integrated into my life) and they are tagged as lyf.

As usual, the good old RSS feed is available.

If you are instead looking for the more formal literatures of mine, they are listed in my ORCID profile.

See Also

Writing and the future of this blog

To write is to think I generally believe that, when we write, we do think thrice (not twice). Firstly, we brainstorms our points. Each could be a simple keyword, a whole sentence or an idea… Blog de mingnho, 2023-03-09

When to comment that code

My software tends to have a surprisingly low number of comments. One of my projects, scdoc, has 25 comments among its 1,133 lines of C code, or 2%, compared to the average of 19%.1 Naturally,… Drew DeVault's blog, 2023-03-09

Mobile Linux camera pt6

The processing with postprocessd has been working pretty well for me on the PinePhone. After I released it I had someone test it with the dng files from a Librem 5 to see how it deals with a… BrixIT Blog, 2023-03-08
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