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Hi! I really hope that everyone reading this is still doing okay, and if that isn't the case, I wish you a good day!

pip 20.2 Released!

Last Wednesday, pip 20.2 was released, delivering the 2020-resolver as well as many other improvements! I was lucky to be able to get the fast-deps feature to be included as part of the release. A brief description of this experimental feature as well as testing instruction can be found on Python Discuss.

The public exposure of the feature also remind me of some further optimization to make on the lazy wheel. Hopefully without download parallelization it would not be too slow to put off testing by concerned users of pip.

Preparation for Download Parallelization

As of this moment, we already have:

What's left is only to interject a parallel download somewhere after the dependency resolution step. Still, this struggles me way more than I've ever imagined. I got so stuck that I had to give myself a day off in the middle of the week (and study some Rust), then I came up with something what was agreed upon as difficult to maintain.

Indeed, a large part of this is my fault, for not communicating the design thoroughly with pip's maintainers and not carefully noting stuff down during (verbal) discussions with my mentor. Thankfully Chris Hunt came to the rescue and did a refactoring that will make my future work much easier and cleaner.

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