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Make Digital Privacy Sexy

Digital Privacy has an image problem. At the moment, there isn’t anything sexy about it. If it were a trailer for a film, you’d be playing on your phone while it was on. It needs… bbbhltz, 2024-01-17

A Range kata implementation in F#

This time with some property-based testing. This article is an instalment in a short series of articles on the Range kata. In the previous article I described my first attempt at the kata,… ploeh blog, 2024-01-15

HOWTO: Change your behavior

In theory, behavior change should be easy. At first glance, it seems like you control your behavior. So, if you desire different behavior, why doesn’t your behavior change as instantly… Matt Might's blog, 2024-01-14

The dilemma of tagging library releases

I've been working on the libmegapixels library for quite a bit now. The base of the library is pretty solid which is configuring a V4L2 pipeline so you can get camera frames on modern ARM… BrixIT Blog, 2024-01-14
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