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Claws Mail

NB: The following is neither a review nor a recommendation. It is a brief look at one of my most used pieces of software. You turn on your computer. There is work to be done. Work sometimes… bbbhltz, 2023-01-06

Attractive nuisances in software design

When a feature applicable only to a niche use case seems like it would be useful for a common use case, you are as good as inviting your users to do the wrong thing. It is useful to keep this… Paul Ganssle, 2023-01-04

How to boot on a BTRFS snapshot

# Introduction I always wanted to have a simple rollback method on Linux systems, NixOS gave me a full featured one, but it wasn't easy to find a solution for other distributions.… Solene'%, 2023-01-04

2022 in Review

So 2022 has ended, at least for me, at least in UTC. It’s time to review what happened in a year and plan for the next. Some in my circle already did that one or two days earlier, but… Home page on xarvos, 2023-01-01
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